Germany 2016

I spent a about a month in Germany and a few days in Austria this summer. I took an incredible amount of photos! There were a plethora of images, so here are just some of my favorites from my time in Germany!

These are photos from Burg Satzvey, Cologne, Munich, Dachau, Berlin, Bremen, Cuxhaven, Baden-Baden, and Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Luke 2016-17

Here are the high school senior portraits I did of my handsome brother! I can’t believe he is graduating this coming spring.

We went to Kathryn Albertson Park in Boise at sunrise for this shoot! It was a more simple shoot considering he didn’t have too many requests or props, but it was a fun time. We got donuts and coffee afterwards and played some Pokémon Go downtown!

Antelope Canyon 2016

Over spring break this year, I went to Antelope Canyon and was able to get some great shots of its beauty! I am so thrilled that I was finally able to edit these photos. Some of these are my first attempts at HDR images.

I booked a photographic tour of the lower section of Antelope Canyon–which meant the tour was longer so photographers would have more time. However, it still felt so rushed to me. The canyon is amazing and there were so many interesting patterns and light changes. I could have stayed in there for hours!

I am so glad I was able to go!

I will have more images on the way including Bryce Canyon and some shots from Germany/Austria! Stay tuned!

Assignment #6: Open

For this assignment we were allowed to create a studio shot in any genre we wanted. We had complete freedom except that it had to be a studio shot.

It took me quite a while to decide what I wanted to do–I had so many ideas floating around in my head. I ruled out shots that I would have to buy too many props for (poor college student). Then I thought of how I wanted to work with colored gels and contrasting color. That lead to thinking about a theatrical or performance type shot, but then I thought about all the people I have known who have struggled with self-harm and/or suicide or have committed suicide. That’s when I decided I would attempt to show that internal struggle that takes place in too many people’s minds.

Much thanks to my roommate who sat there while I was making so many adjustments! She was so very patient!


L&D Wedding ~ April 2016

This is the first wedding shoot I have every done. I really enjoyed taking the portraits that the bride wanted before and after the ceremony. The bride is a great friend of mine and I thoroughly enjoyed showcasing how gentle and kind she and her husband are to each other.

The difficult part of this shoot was the time of day. The ceremony was to start at 4 p.m. with the couple’s photo shoot starting at 1 p.m. Not a great time of day for photographing. I had to shoot in the shade as much as possible and use a reflector a great deal, but I think everything worked out well!

I wish them much happiness and blessed memories in their future life together!

Assignment #5: Portrait

For this studio portrait assignment we were required to use props and tell a story or produce a fashion-type high-key portrait. We were required to use a high-key lighting set up and a white background. The portrait I actually turned in was the “Love Does” book portrait.

I am grateful to my patient roommate who volunteered her time for this shoot!

Assignment #4:The Desk

I skipped uploading my third assignment because it was the texture assignment and I was not quite satisfied with what I produced–incase anyone wonders why there’s no third assignment.

For this assignment we had to show some of our personal interests by staging a desk scene. We were required to use a cookie (cucoloris) to give the impression of sunlight or moonlight coming through either trees or mini-blinds. I chose to go for afternoon sun coming through trees on my desk covered with my violin music.

The Desk0260-2_LR720.jpg

A&J Engagement ~ March 2016

I am so happy that I was able to take the engagement photos from two of my very good friends who got married this past June 2016. They are such a sweet couple and I tried hard to have they’re passions and personalities show through the photos. I wish them all the best!

Assignment #2: The Ball

For this assignment we had to photograph a ball with a 3:1 lighting ratio. For some reason I was feeling this vibe of a Dark Yarn Lord to rule all yarn or something. It was a fun shoot for me, even though setting out each piece of yarn was quite time-consuming. I tried several different configurations of yarn including straight horizontal lines and then circular spirals and pinwheels, but the mixed diagonal lines seemed to sit the best with my eyes.

The Ball0117_LR720.jpg

Assignment #1: The Box

For this assignment we had to photograph a box (of course, adding other props to create more of a story) with a 2:1 lighting ratio. I chose to use props that were indicative of a formal evening out–it seemed appropriate since the box was from Tiffany & Co.

The Box

Jewelry, accessories, perfume, fancy wine glasses– a formal evening out.